Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wed. January 7th.-
Well here we are already a week into the New Year! Wow.
Allergies are acting up pretty bad today, so spent most of the morning laying in bed-yuck!
Just received word that my Grandaughter, Ashley, along with Great Grandaughter, Kyree are going on a trip to Georgia to spend time with Ashley's boyfriend, Kyle. Kyle is in the Navy and Stationed in Georgia.
His main job is on the Subs and he will be shipping out in a couple of weeks, so Ashley and Kyree are going to visit before he leaves(they will be gone 10 days,leaving on Friday this week). Hope they have a fun and safe trip. Will miss and worry about them both until they are home safe.
Todays pic is of my new toy I picked up the day after Christmas on sale at Kohls. I have to tell you I love,love,love it! Its a Keurig Coffee Maker-single cup. The only problem is, its not easy to find the K-cups around here. The only place I have found is Meijers and they were almost completely sold out, so online I went looking. OMG, there are soooo many flavors and brands, a person doesn't know where to start. So the first place I went to was Keurig site and seen all the different brand and flavors, then went price comparing. Found the Butter Toffee(decaf-which I prefer) on eBay for a great price with free shipping and ordered two boxes. Then found and they have tons and tons and have free shipping with a 50 dollar order, so I ordered several different flavors and brands to try them all, including Hot Chocolate. I have only tried the Butter Toffee today and have to tell you, I know I have died and went to heaven!
Everyone NEEDS one of these machines!
Oh and I got in touch with Creating Keepsakes today and they told me my order was in time to get one of the first shipment of 365 Kits by Becky Higgins! WooHoo
That's it for today-hope you have a good one

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  1. Wow, I really want one! And I don't drink coffee!!!! LOL
    The butter toffee sounds like a great flavour though. Yummy!