Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, January 11th.-

Today I would like to introduce you to my second oldest grandaughter-Lacee. She is going to be 17 on the 14th. of this month, she is a wonderful student, and has worked for the last two years at Burger King, is in Marching band and drama club in school(11th grade). She loves computers and the such. A couple of years ago she asked for the iPod (80) and got it for Christmas, and I know she must have slept with it! Then last year it was the PSP, which she received and it was her new best friend, but she still was attached to her iPod, until the fateful day when it stopped working! OMG, I know her world came to a screaching halt! We did all we could and was finally informed by Apple that it was a goner. The drive had failed and the warrenty was up on it. After several weeks, she finally gave up and it was put to rest. Then she started with wanting a replacement for it and of course the iPhone was top on her list. She called me almost everyday to remind me it was on the top of her list-and to make a long story short-she received it. Notice the case on it-from her cousin Ashley for Christmas and it was perfect for her. Now we spend hours on itunes when she comes over to update it.

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