Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13th.-

Well I found some energy today and decided it was time to clean out my bedroom closet! This is the catch all room in our house. Everything that has no place seems to go in there.

In looking and putting things in place, I came across the Happy/Kids Meals from MickyD's, BurgerKing, Wendy's, TacoBell(some really good ones from here) toys that at one time I was collecting several years ago(most are at least 7/8 years old and older) OMG, there are soooo many of them(guessing about 200) and now I think its time to get rid of them. All are unopened(as I thought they were worth more money if I ever decided to sell them), and am thinking now I will let Kyree play with them, as she loves surprises,something her grandmother (Robin)taught her.
I dumped them all over my bed(Calif. King) and that's today's Picture.
I laugh just thinking about how I used to beg my grandkids for their Happy Meal toys before they opened them, and sometimes I was lucky enough to get it from them, if it happened to be one they already had, not a chance if it was a new one! LOL

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