Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 29th.

Today was my Grandma's Birthday, (Mom's mother).My mother was her youngest of 5 children, which was spread out over 10 years. This is how she always looked as I was growing up. And I do remember, she was chubby and very short, about knee high to a grasshopper! LOL she passed when I was about 19 or 20, and had been in a nursing home for 4 or 5 years. I can remember taking Robin (my oldest DD) to see her when she was a little bit, maybe 2/3 and Robin would love pushing her around in her wheel chair. The other picture is of Grandma when she made her 1st. Communion. I have no idea the year of this and no idea who gave me the picture, but I have had it many years. The actual pictures are much clearer than this as I just snapped a picture of them with my digital camera.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, April 28th.

Today would have been my Mother's 85th. Birthday. We lost her 14 years ago, Feb. 25th.,1995. Still miss her every day. This has always been my favorite picture of my mother, taken when she was 18. I can remember asking her if she was "naked", and she told me she had on a strapless sundress. Hmmmmmm, I wonder??? LOL A a young woman, complete strangers would come up to me and say "You must be Virginia's daughter, as you look just like her", but I could never see the resemblance.

Monday, April 27th.

This is our light house in our side yard. We have let the wood season for several years and this spring we are finally going to paint it. Originally we had fish in the ponds in front of it and several Oriental flowers growing around it, but they died off and the fish had to be taken to heated ponds in the winter months, and it just got to be a big headache, so we filled in the ponds with dirt, and planted flowers in them, Hostas mostly and some wild flowers and they bloom every year now.
We picked up the big rocks on the side from the beach and on the other side are several pieces of driftwood. The large chain is from the Huron Light ship,(Coast Guard) that is now a museum in Port Huron. The reason for the dark pic is I took this picture at dusk.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, April 26th.

I met DH's nephew, Joe, today for the first time. He is here visiting from Chicago.
He is DH's sister Phyllis's son, Dana's brother. Pretty nice guy. Married (separated from, for years)to Shirley.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday, April 25th.

Well, Winter is over! Boy did the storms ever move in today. Our first official Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the season! Yikes, look at these clouds as the storm wss moving in. 60/70 mile an hour winds. Not too much damage here, but Marysville got hit pretty hard, with lots of trees down. The temp went from 83 degrees to 61 degrees in about 10 minutes time. This is about 3 P.M. It got pretty darn dark really fast. This picture is taken out our back door, looking over the neighbor's garage.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, April 24th.

Dick putting away the Snowblower for the summer. Its 80 degrees out today! Grandkids are asking when we are going to open the pool! (behind the privacy fence in this picture)

Thursday, April 23rd.

Dick cleaning out his shed to put the Snowblower and winter tools away for the season. Woohoo, snow gone, cold weather gone!

Wednesday, April 22nd.

Phew, finally got a bed for Kristee! No more cushions on the floor for her.
Not sure who is happier, her or her stuffed buddies!

Tuesday, April 21st.

Meet Missy. She is Queen of the house and is now the ripe old age of 12!
She pretty well just sleeps and eats these days, unless Payne or Tilli or Tomi get in her face then she shows them just who is boss.

Monday, April 20th.

Spring has sprung! Yippee! Daffodils are popping up all over.

Sunday, April 19th.

Kristee took this picture looking down on Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois (Lake Michigan).

Saturday, April 18th.

Picture of Jasmine, Kristee, and Jessie (Chicago room mates) in front of huge fountain in Chicago Illinois. (on 8th. grade school band trip)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday, April 17th.

Kristee left on her Band trip to Chicago at 6 A.M. today. Here they are, Kristee and Jasmine arriving at Chippewa Middle School to catch the bus for Chicago Illinois.

Thursday, April 16th.

Here's Kyree, just loving on her new Easter Bunny, Kristee won the Bunny in a drawing at Meijers and Kyree was with us and just fell in love. Grandma Robin won't let her take it home, says she has no room for it, so Kyree has to visit it when she comes to Nana and Papa's house.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wednesday, April 15th.

April 15th. The last day to file taxes. The first year, and I'm sure not the last for a new "Tax Day Tea Party" to let the goverment know we are not happy with them, sort of based on the original "Boston Tea Party" of 1773.
The rally, which took place along Pine Grove Avenue between Hancock and Sanborn streets, was one of hundreds that occurred Wednesday throughout the
country against what protesters characterized as irresponsible taxation and government spending. It was an amazing site to see all those people on the side of the road. I did not have my camera with me, so this is a picture posted on the Times Herald newspaper site.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, April 14th.

Look at how big my Lilac tree is getting! It will soon be big enough to be able to smell the Lilac's in the kitchen window, like when I was a kid at my mom's house.

Monday, April 13th.

Just had to take an extra day with Easter and share a picture of Kyree and Papa Pete(DH's younger brother/nephew, whom dates Robin) finding Easter Eggs, the Easter Bunny hid outside! It took her a minute to figure out just what she was supposed to be doing, but once she caught on, she was having a ball finding all the "surprises" the Easter Bunny left.

Sunday, April 12th.

Happy Easter! Here's Kristee with her Easter Basket. Not much in it as she requested the funds for a hair cut, and she is dieting, so not much candy in it. And she found it in about 5 minutes, guess that's because all the hiding places are filled to the brim with my Scrap goodies! LOL

Saturday, April 11th.

Well, we are preparing for the Easter Bunny, and Kristee has colored her eggs.
I think she is really beginning to outgrown the whole Easter Bunny thing, but goes along with it for me! LOL But she does like to color the eggs once she gets started on them, and has fun dispite herself!

Friday, April 10th.

Yept, days later, I am still trying to find places for my scrap goodies! I have no idea where I'm going to put anything else, as I have run out of places. I do know I really have to get the table cleaned off, so we can use it again, for what its intended! LOL Thank goodness, Robin is having Easter dinner at her house, so I won't have that mess to deal with! LOL

Thursday, April 9th.

Well, Lacee, lucky girl has gone on Spring Break with her friend and parents, to Orlando, Florida and got to see the Blue Men at Universal Studios,and actually got a great big BLUE Kiss from one of them. This is a picture she sent me, amoung many, using her Iphone, showing her big blue Kiss!

Wednesday, April 8th.

Today's picture is of the Kitchen inside the Huron Lightship,(Jerry Rome) permanently docked in Pinegrove park in Port Huron, Michigan. DH and several other volunteer's are working to completely restore the ship to working order, including the engines (which is what DH is specifically working on)

Tuesday, April 7th.

OMG! Enough already! More snow again today, and I, being a believer, thought it was Spring! LOL This picture is of Kristee, standing in the falling snow outside of her GYN specialist(regular doctor found a cyst on her ovary) in Marysville.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, April 6th.

Yikes! Welcome to Spring! Snow, Snow, Snow!

Sunday, April 5th.

WooHoo, did I ever get a wonderful find on Craigs List today! This is a Ipod speaker system that fits perfect on my desk and sound great. Only paid 10 bucks for it and its almost brand new! Love,love, love it! It only plays my playlist, not movies, but I have a great pair of Sony speakers for my movies. Also my grandaughter, Lacee, gave me a little contraption, that is a radio and it also works great on my Ipod, so now I have a complete home theatre with my Ipod!

Saturday, April 4th.

Today I going to share my latest great find on QVC. These are journaling squares, 8 books of clear and solid stickers,30 stickers in each book, different colors, in 2 different styles, made by American Crafts. Also along with them came the 2 black Slick Writers. These are great!

Friday, April 3rd.

Well, lucky me, the kids are on Spring Break! Just what I wanted this week, a house full of Teenagers!
Meet Robbie, my nephew, whom is my brother's second son(has 3 living,Jerry,Robbie,Fred, lost Chris 2 years ago). He comes over to visit quite often, but not so much to visit me as DH. They talk like two little old ladies, discussing guy stuff and having a beer, just like my brother did before we lost him 4 years ago. Gosh I miss him every day, as he was one of my best friends.
Here's thinking about you bro! Love you.

Thursday, April 2nd.

While looking through the older pictures, I came across this one of all the grandkids(except Ashley and Kyree) together taken last Thanksgiving '08, and thought I would share it. I love the group pictures of them and its a rare thing when we can get them all together at the same time for a picture.
Kimmi (Steven's girlfriend) is the little one in the front, behind her is Steven, then Trevor, Kelcee, Lacee and Kristee.

Wenesday, April 1st.

Well its April 1st. today, my youngest daughter, Stacie May's 35th. Birthday. Stacie is a bit upset with me at this time, as Kristee decided to move back with me, so I did not get to see her today, but she is always in my heart, and God willing she will get past this and he will help her to get her problems worked out. Today's picture is of me, Kristee, and Stacie taken on Kristee's Birthday, a couple of months ago.

Tuesday, March 31st..

Here is a picture of my "New" scrapbook room in progress! At least I have almost found the top of my computer desk and scraptable, although, its going to be a while before I will be able to scrap, as scrap goodies are still piled all over the place with no rhyme or rhythm!

Monday, March 30th.

Kristee moved back in! OMG, the mess. Since Steven seems to have taken over the spare room that was Kristee's, I had to give up my scraproom for Kristee! Did I say, OMG???? Now I am in the process of moving all my scrap goodies out into the living and dinning rooms! OMG!!!! Where am I going to put it all!! I now don't think, but know I have way too much Scraping/Craft treasures! Have had to move all the living rooms furniture to storage to make room for my craft goodies and still don't know where I'm going to put it all. And have to uppack all Kristee's stuff again! Yikes! Give me Patience, Dear Lord!
Here's a pic of the work in progress in Kristee's new bedroom (which was my scraproom for over 5 years) with her temporary bed on the floor!
Oh, and if you look in the back corner, you can see part of the Winnie the Pooh set I crocheted for Kristee many many years ago.

Sunday, March 29th.

Here she is, the Burger King Queen! Lacee has been working at Burger King for over two years now. Here she is just getting ready to leave for work for the day.

Saturday, March 28th.

This is Kristee and Lacee sleeping in the now empty spare room on Steven and Kimmi's blow up mattress. Don't they look as snug as a bug under all those covers! And look at all the pillows they have on the bed!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday, March 27th.

Kristee and Lacee came to spend the weekend. Heres a picture of us having a PJ party in my bed! Of course their cell phones for texting were not far away! LOL
Oh, and the quilt on the bed was a grand idea I had to start Quilting and believe me, you have to be a special person to have the time and pacience to make these. It took me well over a year to make this one (oversized to fit my King sized bed) and 3000 dollars to buy the sewing machine to do it! After I finished this one, I learned quick, I am not a Quilter! Never again.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday, March 26th.

Thought today I would share a picture of all the Kit of the Month club boxes, still full with the kits I have not gotten done yet! Yikes, I really need to get these done, and this is not all of them, still many more that would not stack up there.
They are from all different KOTM clubs I previously belonged to and just had to quit the clubs as I was falling so far behind in getting them done.

Wednesday, March 25th.

Kyree got to meet in person her favorite person in the whole world!
Elmo was live and in person at the Big Boy restaurant tonight and her Grandma Robin and friends took her for dinner to see him. Grandma says she had to pry her away from him! LOL

Tuesday, March 24th.

Had Kyree for the day today while Ashley went to the Doctor in Detroit. Just after Kyree was born, I was garage saleing and found a wonderful homemade antique dress and just had to have it for Kyree. Well she has finally grown into it and just had to take a picture of her in it. Of course its impossible to keep her in one spot for more that a couple of seconds, and it you look close you will see when old meets new! (Stripped leggings and tennis shoes with the antique dress).

Monday, March 23rd.

Got the Amanda Blu 5 dollar deals from HSN today. Wow what a deal, they are wonderful! The paper is wonderful, love the embellies the best, and the album is great.

Sunday, March 22nd.

OMG, I got a new toy for my kitchen this week, and I love it!
Check out the color! Its orange! Its Kitchenaid! And it tilts up! I had one before, that I sold because it would not tip up and I hated it. This is the one I have been wanting for ages and it went on easy pay on QVC and it just yelled out to me!

Saturday, March 21st.

Went power shoppng with Robin today! Hit Hobby Lobby and got the bag and 12x12 glass mat for my Slice machine(on sale, 30% off).
Then went to Walmart to see if they had any good deals on Cricut goodies, but not a thing on markdown. From there off to Target to pick up the new DVD movie Twilight and check out the scrap goodies there, but found nothing. Was getting hungry and spotted a sale sign for "CC's" and neither of us had ever been there, so we stopped for lunch and it was wonderful! Robin was sooo hooked on the fresh hot cinnamon rolls and I love the salad, all so fresh, and of course the pizza was good, although I have never had Mac and Cheese pizza before!

Friday, March 20th.

Hubby got a new haircut today! Wow did he ever. He has been having trouble reaching the back of his hair to comb because his Arthritis is getting so bad, so he decided to cut it all off! Yikes he sure looks different.

Thursday, March 19th.

Ashley's 22nd. Birthday today. We went over to Robin's and had dinner(homemade Lasagna) and Birthday Cake with Ashley and Trevor and Kyree. The rest of the gang were busy and did not join us.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday, March 18th.

Today I received my Make A Wish(Cricut Chatter yahoo group I own) from Lynna Gibson in North Carolina and its wonderful! Just look at what she included in my wish(The Theme was green).

Tuesday, March 17th.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy Anniversary to Hubby and Me! Number 10!
Went to Olive Garden for dinner and it was wonderful!
And believe it or not it was 66 degrees out today! Ahhh, Spring is in the air!
And boy oh boy, did I ever go crazy on HSN(Home Shopping network) with the great 5 dollar sale! LOL

Monday, March 16th.

Steven stopped over and helped us tear up the old carpet in the spare room. Boy were there ever a bunch of staples! Thank God for grandkids!

Sunday, March 15th.

Spent the day packing up Kristee's stuff to move to her mothers. Yikes what a job! Wow the room is pretty empty! Going to take up the carpet and have the hardwood floor refinished like the rest of the house.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday, March 14th.

Bright and sunny out today, going into the 40's.
Sharing a picture of the actual 365 kit out of the box.

Friday, March 13th.

Yikes, another Friday the 13th.! Second one this year and there is going to be one more yet this year in November.
Well they finally got the barge "Gotham", owned by Scott Patterson, whom I have known for years through work at PHMS, lifted (sank)from the Black River. Brought in a huge barge with a huge crain on it to lift it out. The Gotham is a 68 footer and we have not seen a boat sink around here in quite some time, so there were lots of onlookers.
Still no idea what caused it to sink. Oh, and again, Picture was taken across the street from our house.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 12th.

Well today I received my free Fiskateers scissors and they are wonderful. If you look close they have my member number imprinted on them. Pretty cool.
Today marks the end of our way of life here as we know it. Kristee has decided it was time to live with her mother, so off she went. Its sure going to be quiet around here with her gone and I will miss her terribly, but it was time as she has been here 3 years. I am now going to concentrate on being grandma to her instead of her mom.
Also, its the first time in years it will be just me and DH here and we are both retired now! Wow, Robin already wants to know when I'm going back to work! Yikes, Not! LOL Just think, no alarms, no fighting with a teenager, no messes left in the bathroom after her and her friends have a makeup night, no yelling to get her room cleaned up, fighting to get her out of bed in the morning for school, doing homework, running back and forth to the school several times a week for her extra ciricular activities. Wow my life!