Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday, Feb. 22nd.-
Woohoo! Kyree Lynn is 2 today. What a wonderful child she is. Today's pictures are of her at her Family Birthday Party. She had a cake topped with animals that make noises and she removed the Horse and was licking off the frosting from its feet when it started to make noise! She just thought that was the funniest thing!

Sat. Feb. 21st.-
Well another wonderful Winter Storm Warning for us. Supposed to get up to 8 inches of snow, so no one is going anywhere today. It just keeps snowing and snowing! Gotta love living in Michigan!
Today I'm sharing the newest little bit of tech that I picked up for my Laptop.
This is supposed to be the best around to backup everything on it and won't have to worry about losing anything if my computer should crash. I do have a memory stick I download all my pictures to, but this is suppose to back up my entire computer. In fact it supposed to be big enough to back-up up to 5 computers. So, I'm crossing my fingers that it works because it certainly was not cheap.

Friday, Feb. 20th.-
Kelcee came to spend the night with us tonite. She is my third grandaughter, is 15 and we do not get along all that great! The family says its because we are too much alike! LOL I get on her nerves with my rules and she gets on my nerves with her not wanting to follow them! All I know is I love her unconditionally! She is a beautiful, bright young lady, and being a 15 year old teen, knows everything! She belongs to her high school choir and is really a very good singer. She also is always writing stories, which I think are quite dark topics, but she does not seem to think so. I do have to say the stories are really very good, and she could easily become a writer someday in the future, if thats what she wants to do.

Thursday, Feb. 19th-
Another blast of Old Mother Nature hit us again today. This is a picture of the wonderful winter weather out our front door, looking across the street.

Wed. Feb.18th.-
Gosh, I'm finding it hard to find different picture's to share everyday! There are days when I just don't do anything except eat, sleep, watch TV, do email! LOL Ahhhh, the life of being retired! I can remember not so long ago, there were not enough hours in the day to get everything done!
Today's picture is of a decoupage tray that Robin made for me last year. It is all four generations of our family. First is me(mom,grandma, great grandma), then Robin(grandma, holding Kyree), then Ashley(mom) and last Kyree Lynn.

Tuesday, Feb. 17th.-
Last day of Winter Break for Kristee-
Today I want to show you my new kitchen Pots and Pans!
Wow are these ever nice. Got them from QVC. Technique, hard anodized, nonstick.
Customer reviews were 5 star. What really sold me was the 11 inch square frypan!
Gonna be great for cooking bacon. Yum!

Monday, Feb. 16th.-
No school today for Kristee, they are on winter break.
Today's picture is of my "new" favorite candy! OMG, this chocolate candy is to die for! I love,love,love it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday, Feb. 15th.-
Couple more inches of snow again today, and cold, cold, cold! So ready for Spring.
Today I am sharing a couple of pictures my grandaughter Lacee sent me via her Iphone from Chicago. She has been there for the weekend with her High School Band and is having a wonderful time. The first one is of her and her band teacher, Mr. Volz(St. Clair High) and the second one she took from the top of the Sears building in downtown Chicago.

Sat. Feb. 14th.-
Happy Valentine's day! We are trying to conserve funds, so today I received a hand written Valentine note from Dick and Kristee both! Love them both, more than a store purchased card!
Its been a quiet day, Kristee spend last night with Jolene and then went off to the Mall with Jolene and Kelcee for the day. Watched two movies with Kristee-The Secret Life of Bees, which was wonderful, and The House Bunny, which was pretty funny.
Today I'm sharing a picture of the two (2) brand new 17 year olds together, Lacee (still in costume, and Trevor). They have always been more like twin brother and sister then cousins. This picture was taken after Lacee's High School Play by Robin.

Friday, Feb. 13th.-
Well today Trevor turned the big 17! I have to say not all things on Friday the 13th. are bad! This boy is one of the sweetest kids I have ever had the pleasure to know. OMG, I can remember the day he was born just like it was yesterday! So much excitement! A second new grandchild in only a month! (Lacee was born on the 14th. of January). Today we were supposed to do the cake and ice cream thing for his big day, but both Trevor and Robin are sick as dogs! Hmmmm, I wonder who first said that statement and why?? Just how sick were the dogs? And why did they not take the dogs to the Vet if they were that sick?? Anyhow, Trevor's pic for the day is going to be a couple days late, as I sure don't want to catch what they have, so no party today! Oh, and Robin took delivery of her brand new Kitchen Stove and Refrigerator today. Woohoo Robin!

Thursday, Feb. 12th.-
Well good old Mother Nature was up to her old tricks again today! Up in the 50's again today and the ice jammed up the Black River again and all kinds of flooding again. Today's picture is of a Boat Dock, torn loose buy the ice, pushing it downriver, and it getting caught under the 10th. Street bridge, which is right across the street from us. The reports are saying the Black River rose 13.5 feet over night. The flooding from the Belle River in Marine City(which is where Kimmi lives) is even worse, with several homes flooded over 3 foot inside their homes. Kimmi's dad's dock also was ripped away in the flood. Thank God, their house sits up on a hill and was safe from the flooding. Cold weather is supposed to return tomorrow. Yuck!
And sadly, another plane crash in New York and this one was not so lucky as the one last month.
50 gone, including one in the home if fell on, may God be with all involved.

Wed. Feb. 11th.-
Surprises!!! Today Robin surprised me with a wonderful gift! The tool kit for my newest toy-Makiing Memories Slice! It is just too cute. I sooo wanted this, but Hobby Lobby was out of stock when I was there, and I have been watching online to try and get it on sale. Thanks bunchs daughter!

Tuesday, Feb. 10th.-
LOL, how can you not laugh outloud at my great grandaughter Kyree Lynn?
She reminds me so much of her Uncle Trevor, who also climbed into anything he could fit in! This is a snapshot her Grandma shared with me.

Monday, Feb. 9th-
Today's picture is of my grandaughter Lacee in costume for the High School play she is in-La Miserables-dress rehearsal. I didn't get to go, but am looking forward to purchasing the DVD when its released.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday, Feb. 8th.-
Well today has been a exciting day for Robin. She purchased a new LapTop computer! WooHoo for her. I am so excited for her. The picture is of her still in Best Buy after just paying for it.
She also purchased a new Wireless Printer to go with it! You go girl! Of course, the truth is, her nightmare has just begun as she has not worked with Windows Vista at all yet! HaHaHa-quiet, don't tell her what a nightmare she is in for! LOL

Sat. Feb. 7th.-
OMG, the weather has been so crazy here this week. Only a couple of days since we got blasted with 11 inches of snow and -15 below zero weather and today its 52 degrees out! The huge piles of snow are melting and it looks like we have had a month of non stop rain! Everything is flooded, but I love it! Makes you feel like Spring is in the air, and your feet move just a bit more bouncy! LOL
Today picture is of the grandaughters ( Kristee,Ashley(with Kyree,(great grandaughter) who refused to stand sill long enough to be in the picture), and Kelcee) on a shopping trip to the Birchwood Mall in Ft. Gratiot, Mi., which is really only down the road about 5 miles from where we live. Not a real big Mall, but you have to work with what you have. It does have a Sears, Penny's, Target, etc. and some of the more popular stores the youngin's like, like Hot Topic's, Deb's, etc. Also has several restaurants, which are all over priced, but still pretty busy all the time. Our Mall is such, that its like a big shopping plaza, with several stores and restaurants not attached to the main building, like Red Lobster, Home Depot, Pier 1, Olive Garden(which is my favorite, cause I love their House Salad). Of course there are several of the bigger chain stores in the close vicinity(almost within walking distance), like Meijers, JoAnn's,Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, Lowes, Kohls, Walmart,Toy's R Us, etc.
I can remember when I was a young adult, in my 20's, the whole area was nothing but woods, not a thing in site anywhere, except for a go cart track and a kiddie land with little rides, out in the middle of nowhere.! Wow, who would have thought.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Friday, Feb. 6th.-
Half days for Kristee at school today. Lacee coming for weekend.
Today's picture is of my Great Grandaugter, Kyree Lynn. She is going to be 2 on the 22nd. of this month.
Here she is waiting oh so patiently for a piece of cake! Isn''t she the cutest little bit!

Thursday, Feb.5th.-
Got my new Digital Scrapbook in a box(sie) from QVC today. Woohoo! Still have not done the first one yet, but will get around to it soon. This one is Christmas themed. Just love the concept of this, both hands on and digital.

Wed. Feb.4th-

OMG, another lake effect snow storm hit us! 11 inches dumped on us! All righty now! Enough is enough! Between the bitter cold weather and all the snow, I am beginning to become a recluse!
Today's picture is of Steven and Kimmi-
I am beginning to have a problem with the new kitten, Payne. She seems to have taken a dislike to Steven and Kimmi, who spends every other night with us on the living room floor with bundles of blankets. Well Payne has taken to relieving herself on the middle of the blankets every night! Grrrrr! This has been going on for several nights in a row, which means the washer and dryer are running all day everyday to wash it all. These are not small bed blankets, but King sized quilts and sheets.
Several of them! This is getting old very fast! Last night they decided to buy themselves a blow up bed and get off the floor and we hoped this was going fix the problem! Nope, right in the middle of the bed while they were sleeping she hit again! This kitten is pressing her luck, I can tell you that!
Well tonite, she is going to be locked up in Kristee's room for the night! I'm sure she is not going to like that at all, and Kristee probably won't either, when she tries to get out and can't.

Tuesday, Feb. 3rd.-
Today I am going to share a wonderful treat that Robin picked up for me. I love the Candy Corn at Halloween and look forward to it every year. Well Robin found something for me at Christmas time and I have to say its a big WOW for me. Its Gingerbread flavored Candy Corn! Who would have ever thought? Not me. I have to say its not bad at all. Not as tasty as a Gingerbread Cookie, but good just the same. Thanks Robin!

Monday, Feb. 2nd.-
Wow, its soooo cold out! What the heck is this, have I moved to Alaska and no one told me!
It was -15 below this morning and the high is going to be 6 above! Yikes!
Well, today I got a wonderful surprise in the mail. When I received my new toy, the Making Memories Slice cutter, it came with the glass cutting plate and a tube of glue to spread on the glass plate to hold the paper in place while the machine cut out the design. Well I guess MM has a problem the some of the tubes of glue freezing and rendering it no good. Lucky me, I received one of the no good tubes of glue. I gave MM a call and they said they were aware, just buy another and they would send me a little surprise for my trouble. Well it came today, and I have to say I was expecting at the most a tube of the glue. Nope, I received a package of MM Title/Alpha stickers(164), a package of 6x6 paper(48), and a package of Brad Combo brads(23) all in the new Flower Patch theme. I have to say I am just floored! The colors are wonderful. WooHoo, Thank you Making Memories!

Sunday, February 1st.-
Wow, its Super Bowl Sunday already! I am not much of a Football fan, in fact my mother always told my I was a "fair weather friend", because I only watch when something big is happening! LOL
I only watch the Superbowl because I love the commercials and halftime. I have to say I did watch the opening more closely this year as Jennifer Hudson was doing the National Anthem this year. I love American Idol and was amazed by her voice. I then watched Dreamgirls and was even more amazed by her voice! Of course then the tragedy of what happened to her family in Chicago was heart wrenching, and she became somewhat more interesting, for some reason, I cannot even fathom. I got out my camera to take a pic of the Superbowl on TV and this is one of the pic's I captured. In first looking at it, it looks kinda of blurry and distorted, but in looking closer, it was a superinposed picture of her and a Az. football player. I love how this picture came out. Oh and Steelers won, gggggggggggg! I always root for the underdog, in this case I wanted to see Az win.
Oh, well, now that the Superbowl is here and gone, looking forward to the spring weather getting here.

Sat. January 31st.-
Today I am sharing the best glue gun I have ever used! It fits in your hand just perfect and the glue is wonderful. It rolls just perfect. I had the ATG gun and after many many hours of fighting with it, across the room it went, flying through the air and then into the trash! I know many love the ATG gun and have no problems with it, but I just could not get it to work, even after I changed the glue tape several times, and this was not a cheap tool. It seemed to be just too big to do small jobs, and the tape kept sticking to its self inside the gun, no matter what I did, or how many times I reloaded the darn thing. Not so with the Glue Glider Pro! It was only a quarter of the price of the ATG, and the glue cartridges are all self inclosed, just pop out the empty one and pop in the new one! Love,Love, Love it! Granted the tape refills are a bit more than the ATG refills, but if you watch, you can find them in the online stores pretty reasonable. Check out Cindy's store,
as she runs them on sale for a great price.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday, January 30th.-
Guess this week must be about my favorites, as here is my all time favorite candy! I got this for Christmas from my DH and am thinking today I will be opening it! I love Whitman's candy better than any other and because it's so costly, I don't get it often enough and when I do, it's a special treat. I love the tin box it came in and will be able to find many uses for the box after I have finished all the candy inside.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thursday, January 29th.-
Today I watched one of the best movies I have seen in a long time! Australia! This movie is right at the top of my list of all time favorites, which includes Gone With the Wind, Pearl Harbor, and You've Got Mail!
Love,Love,Loved it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wed. January 28th.-
Today I am sharing with you one of thousands of my favorite pass times. I don't believe ever in my life I have not been starting, in the middle of, or ending a book. I read all types, but favor the mussy love stories and mysteries. Some of my favorite authors are, Fern Michaels, Nora Roberts,
Linda Leal Miller, Debbie McComber, John Grisham, Janet Evanovich (love the Plum series), Sandra Brown, Mary Higgins Clark(also like some of her daughters, Carol Higgins Clark). These are just some authors that I read everything they publish. There are many others that I read when they have nothing new out. And I have to tell you its pretty hard to read when I'm sobbing! LOL Think my favorite all time books are Gone With The Wind and Hawaii.
Anyhoo, this is the last book I read and finished in 2 days(all 877 pages!). Stayed up till 2 a.m. reading this one and it was really good. Liked how the author likekin our lives to seasons, and believe I am soon going to be entering the Winter of my life, if not already there.

Tuesday, Jan. 27th.-
This is my brand new toy I received today. It's the Making Memories Slice, die cutting machine.
I have to say I love this litle thing. Its very easy to use, quick to set up and the cuts are wonderful, the price is wonderful, and the storage space is next to none.
I previously purchase the First Cricut when they first came out, then I purchased the Cricut scrip, put out by QVC, then I moved to the Cricut Expression. I loved them all and they were sooo much fun and pretty easy to use. Then the DS came out to go with the Cricut to hook it to my computer and cut many different things mixed and matched from all the cartridges. Then I kind of wandered away from the purposed of purchasing the Cricut and not having to hook it to my computer. Along the way my obsession grew and I was sure I had to have all the cartridges and it became a game of just collecting(had 40 cartridges) and not using. So when I started to have medical problems with my sight, I decided to sell my beloved Expression and cartridges, which I did. Then I heard about the Slice! This little thing is exactly what I needed. Not to big, not to small, easy to use, and its quick to get out and turn on, in fact I just leave it on my desk ready to use. The memory cards are very small and require much less room than all my Cricut Cartridges did, so the storrage problem is no more. Don't misunderstand me, I loved my Cricut's and all they could do, just too much money and room for as often as I used them.
Oh and check out my apron I got off eBay! Just like the ones they were wearing at CHA! I love it! LOL