Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wed. Feb.4th-

OMG, another lake effect snow storm hit us! 11 inches dumped on us! All righty now! Enough is enough! Between the bitter cold weather and all the snow, I am beginning to become a recluse!
Today's picture is of Steven and Kimmi-
I am beginning to have a problem with the new kitten, Payne. She seems to have taken a dislike to Steven and Kimmi, who spends every other night with us on the living room floor with bundles of blankets. Well Payne has taken to relieving herself on the middle of the blankets every night! Grrrrr! This has been going on for several nights in a row, which means the washer and dryer are running all day everyday to wash it all. These are not small bed blankets, but King sized quilts and sheets.
Several of them! This is getting old very fast! Last night they decided to buy themselves a blow up bed and get off the floor and we hoped this was going fix the problem! Nope, right in the middle of the bed while they were sleeping she hit again! This kitten is pressing her luck, I can tell you that!
Well tonite, she is going to be locked up in Kristee's room for the night! I'm sure she is not going to like that at all, and Kristee probably won't either, when she tries to get out and can't.

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