Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tuesday, Jan. 27th.-
This is my brand new toy I received today. It's the Making Memories Slice, die cutting machine.
I have to say I love this litle thing. Its very easy to use, quick to set up and the cuts are wonderful, the price is wonderful, and the storage space is next to none.
I previously purchase the First Cricut when they first came out, then I purchased the Cricut scrip, put out by QVC, then I moved to the Cricut Expression. I loved them all and they were sooo much fun and pretty easy to use. Then the DS came out to go with the Cricut to hook it to my computer and cut many different things mixed and matched from all the cartridges. Then I kind of wandered away from the purposed of purchasing the Cricut and not having to hook it to my computer. Along the way my obsession grew and I was sure I had to have all the cartridges and it became a game of just collecting(had 40 cartridges) and not using. So when I started to have medical problems with my sight, I decided to sell my beloved Expression and cartridges, which I did. Then I heard about the Slice! This little thing is exactly what I needed. Not to big, not to small, easy to use, and its quick to get out and turn on, in fact I just leave it on my desk ready to use. The memory cards are very small and require much less room than all my Cricut Cartridges did, so the storrage problem is no more. Don't misunderstand me, I loved my Cricut's and all they could do, just too much money and room for as often as I used them.
Oh and check out my apron I got off eBay! Just like the ones they were wearing at CHA! I love it! LOL

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