Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 12th.

Well today I received my free Fiskateers scissors and they are wonderful. If you look close they have my member number imprinted on them. Pretty cool.
Today marks the end of our way of life here as we know it. Kristee has decided it was time to live with her mother, so off she went. Its sure going to be quiet around here with her gone and I will miss her terribly, but it was time as she has been here 3 years. I am now going to concentrate on being grandma to her instead of her mom.
Also, its the first time in years it will be just me and DH here and we are both retired now! Wow, Robin already wants to know when I'm going back to work! Yikes, Not! LOL Just think, no alarms, no fighting with a teenager, no messes left in the bathroom after her and her friends have a makeup night, no yelling to get her room cleaned up, fighting to get her out of bed in the morning for school, doing homework, running back and forth to the school several times a week for her extra ciricular activities. Wow my life!

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