Monday, March 2, 2009

Thursday, Feburary 26th.

Well my new addiction is this Wii game! OMG, I was so addicted to the first one and they had to go and make a new one for the Wii! I love this game. If you do any of the role playing games and just want to have some light hearted fun, try this one out.
I find myself laughing at least once a day when the animal people talk. You just never know what they are going to say! One of my critters was walking the other day and fell into a pithole and yelled "OMG, I'm so big I'm falling through the earth".
I almost fell off the chair from laughing so hard!
Also purchased the Wii Speak and can talk(actually real talk) to any character that comes to visit my town or my character goes to visit someone else's town anywhere in the world that also has the Wii speak and Wifi.

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