Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 5th-

This is our newest member of the family-Meet Payne.

She really is a pain, so the name fits perfectly.

This is her story.

Last winter in the middle of a snow storm, late at night, Kimmi stopped over, and in the door with her came a stray cat. Of course, the whole house came to a stop to check out the visitor. Well needless to say, there was no way the cat was being put back out in the middle of a snow storm.

After many many days of her visiting, and I might add, not using the litter box well (she assumed thats what my house plants were for, my curtains were her privite trees to climb),I made up my mind that the Visiting cat must go, to Kristee and Kimmi's dismay. The day I decided to take her to the Humane Society, Robin says to me "Mom, I think she is getting really fat"! OMG, don't tell me, the Visitor is preggy! Now I feel guilty enough to say ok, she can stay, but we are NOT keeping any kittens! And she better become house broken soon. Well the night finally came, when one of Gods most wonderous things happen, we had four of the most cutest kittens! Ahh, then the fight begins, six long weeks of we are Not keeping one of the kittens, our Visitor still using my plants, curtains, and will not stop trying to get outside(we live in the city on a very busy street), the decision was made. We contacted a friend at the Humane Society, and she had a friend owning a farm, so off went our Visitor and Welcome to our family Payne, one of the kittens. If you have any doubts about her being a Pain, believe me, she is! She just thinks she owns the house, Tilli, will not tolerate her at all, Missy, just laughs at her when she gets bossy with her, and Tomi, well he voices his opinion frequently and loudly at her, which in turn drives me nuts. She is on top of everything, don't even open anything as she will try to get inside, include the fridge and freezer and bathroom drawers, loves to play in the bathtub, and has now learned to turn on the tub water taps, so we have to keep the bathroom door closed. She took the dog treats from the kitchen shelf, dragged the bag upstairs and hid it under my bed! Not once but twice, so now I have to hide the bag of dog treats! She steals my Hall's cough drops all the time, so I have to keep them hid also.

Anywhos' you have now met Payne, our newest family member.

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