Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6th-
So today I am going to intoduce you to our wonderful Great Grandaughter-Kyree Lynn-22.5 months. Of course she is the smartest, most beautiful child alive! LOL
Her Mom(Ashley, our oldest Grandchild) and her Grandma(Robin, our oldest daughter) both work, so there are many days a week when we get to babysit her. She comes to us early in the a.m. , still in her jammies, waiting for me to give her breakfast, then get dressed for the days adventures.
OMG, she is sooo active and sits in one spot for no more then 30 seconds at a time. Her little fingers do not miss a thing, and you cannot take your eyes off her. Her favorite thing to do is watch Sesame Street. She loves it.
She can count with them, say her alphabet, knows most of her body parts, how to undress herself, and is beginning to learn her colors. All this at 22 months is amazing to me. I should warn you, DO NOT get in front of her or bother her when she is watching Sesame Street. Its like her life line! LOL
Today I am sharing 3 pictures of her, which are hard to take as she doesn't stay in one place long. The last is of her trying to lay down in the Bookcase we have just moved back into the living room(notice, her blankie, never far away), after the tree was taken down. The middle is of her giving kisses(and boy does she love to give hugs and big kisses) to her huge Teddy Bear we got for her. Its a least twice the size of her. The first is of her watching Sesame Street. Look how intent she watches it. Amazing.
Well that's it for day 6.
More tomorrow-day 7
Have a wonderful day!

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