Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sat. January 10th.-
Gosh today really was a very quiet day. Spent most of the day just catching up on my TV shows I had recorded on the DVR. Cold Case, Without a Trace and a couple of Christmas movies from the Hallmark Channel.
Kristee's friend Jolene went home to go shopping with her mom and Kristee and Lizze went to her house for the nite, so no kids here till tomorrow! Yipee!
Talked to Ashley for a quick minute and they(Ashley, Kyle and Kyree) were shopping in a big Mall in Florida and were having a great time.
Said the weather was a cool 70 there today! Ha! She should be here, where the temp is 21 and its now snowing like the dickens. Which is what my pic of today is.
It has been snowing all over the lower part of the state since yesterday, but not a flake here until about two hours ago, and now its really coming down. The pic was taken out my front door toward the street(which is a main street here). The street is now covered completely and if this keeps up long, the snowblower will be working again tomorrow morning.
I love how the snowflakes look in the dark with just a single streetlight in the backround.
Done for today-going back to watch some more movies on the DVR.
Have a great one!

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