Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year

Well this is day 4 of the new year(2009) and I have decided to keep a record of my year in Pictures. Got this idea from Becky Higgins, (Creating Keepsakes)and hope to be one of the lucky ones to get the 365 kit she is offering for the year.
So I will be posting a daily picture and blogging about what ever comes to me every day. I have already taken a picture each day and will get them posted (will try to post my daily pic everyday)

A bit about myself.

I am 61, live in Michigan, married(9 years) and have two grown daughters, Robin-42 and Stacie-34. Both are divoriced and are at this time in a relationship. Robin has two children, Ashley-21 and Trevor-16(17 in Feb). Ashley has a daughter, Kyree Lynn(22 months), whom is my first Great Grandchild.
Stacie has four children, Steven-19, Lacee-17(in a week),Kelcee-15, and Kristee-13. Kristee is living with us(been here for 3 years now) and certainly keeps us on our toes! Was sure my days of raising a teenager were over many years ago! Surprise! Like many other grandparents raising grandkids.
I love to watch TV, scrapbook, crochet, knit a bit and most crafts in general and read romance books. Also love to play Pogo and Big Fish games online and currently am hooked on the new Animal Crossing on the Wii.
I worked most of my life and was permanetly laid off from my job (15 years) 1.5 years ago, so have lots of free time to just play now. DH retired 4 years ago from sailing the Great Lakes for 45 years, so he too has lots of play time now. I hate to travel and he too, likes to be home now, so it works for both of us.
We have 2 Yorkies, Tomi and Tilli, 2 cats, Missy and Payne, whom you will be meeting though the pics of the year.
As you will see, there are not to many dull moments around here.


  1. Now Mom, you know there are lots of dull moments there. Usually between 4:00 and 4:30 a.m., lol.

  2. Good Luck with your Blog..I have never done a blog..Great Job! Maybe I will learn from watching Love the Yorkie...I have two...MiMi and Maysie