Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday-January 9th-
Well all is pretty quiet around here today.
Ashley and Kyree arrived all safe and sound in KingsBay Georgia. They are visiting Ashleys boyfriend Kyle, whom is stationed on the USS Florida.
Talked to Creating Keepsakes again about the 365 kit and was informed that I did not get in on the first shipment as they told me I was the first of the week. So now I am on the wait list for about 4/6 weeks. Grrrrrrr
Kristee has two of her girl friends spending the nite, so the house will be full of laughing teenagers, and lots of loud music. Oh fun!

Today I am sharing a pic of my China Cabinet and clean and sparkly.
Just before Christmas I took everything out and washed it, plus cleaned the entire cabinet both inside and out. I have been collecting blue glass for many years. Some of my pieces are antiques and some are newer, but I love them all. Also have lost many favorite pieces to breakage(moving and boxes getting dropped, and have sat down and cried when it happened) Also have several pieces of Carvinal glass. but most of it has the paint worn off.
Thats about it for today-
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

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